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What is My One Thing This Year?

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It is a new year!  How are you doing in with your New Year’s Resolutions?  In the case of resolutions, did you know failure is good?  (more…)

Trusting God


It’s pretty easy to blurt out the words “I trust God.” Theologically it makes sense. In the Christian community, it’s easy to say it. And we are even conditioned to say it in the midst of everything. Yet to really trust God is more challenging internally than it is verbally. (more…)

Sin Wars


There was a great song, put out by Edwin Starr, called “War”. This song talks about how war is good for nothing but death and destruction. War is also a key sign of the coming end times according to Jesus (Matthew 24:6). We also know that there is a cosmic struggle or war between good and evil, light vs dark, Satan vs God.  But the one special “war” I want to discuss is the war that goes on in the body of the Christian.    (more…)

Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers

There was a song a few years ago that had the hook line of “thank God for unanswered prayers.” Though I understand the sentiment of the line, I think the premise is a little off base. There is no such thing as unanswered prayers. The reality is, God always answers our prayers, we just might not like the answer. (more…)

Lucky or Blessed?

Proverbs_16-9Proverbs 16:9

According to Webster, “luck” is defined as the things that happen to a person because of chance or accident. Perhaps you’ve never thought about it, but we live in a very superstitious world. It is believed that lucky things happen to lucky people because fate is looking down on them and smiling. (more…)

Three Steps to Restoration

ReRestorationcently a friend of mine emailed me that he had a “less than stellar moment” with his family and employer. Not unlike many of us at times in our life, he imploded and was controlled by sinful anger toward them. His question was poignant. I have sinned against those closest to me, now what do I do?

My advice, follow these three simple steps to restore what sin wants to destroy.  (more…)

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